Friday, July 1, 2011

CARS Fanatic!!!

Anyone that knows Landen knows that he love, loves Disney's Cars movie. So the Disney store in the mall was doing a fun promotion for the new Cars 2 movie that just came out. Every Saturday for the month of June Landen got to go to the mall and do these fun little activities. He got his very own passport and at the end on the last Saturday of the month he received a really nice puzzle of Cars 2. One weekend his cousins Haley and Jake got to join in on the fun! And next week mommy will be taking Landen and his friend to see Cars 2!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Good Morning Breakfast!

Liam and Myles really woke up in a good mood this morning and I wanted to capture the moment, because usually one is unhappy. They both ate their oatmeal cereal with fruit and we had yogurt their favorite. After breakfast Myles showed us some of his new skills of trying to stand up without holding on to anything! By the way he has finally mastered it.

Bronx Zoo

Since daddy couldn't take time off for Landen's Birthday in May, he was able to take a few days at the end of May off and one of those days we packed lunch and took off for the day to the Bronx Zoo! By the way if you've never been to this zoo it's worth it I love this zoo! Here are some of the things we got pictures of. What kind of animal is that climbing on the rocks? Hahaha, oh my mistake that would be my goofy little boy Landen - who thoroughly enjoyed himself that he asked me everyday for almost a week after if we could go to the zoo today, what about today mommy? The babies were even good, which made the day even nicer.

Preschool & Family Party

Landen's real Birthday is May 9th which landed on a Monday this year and he had school, so he decided he wanted to take cupcakes in to celebrate his big day with the kids in his class! After school mommy, Grandma, and the babies took Landen to lunch at his favorite place - WENDY'S! Later that evening when daddy, grandpa, and uncle Todd all got off of work they came over for dinner and cupcakes too! Oh and we must not forget he got even more fun presents!

Landen's Birthday

Landen's 4th Birthday was in May and we celebrated with some of his friends at Allaire State Park. Landen is obsessed with Disney's Wall-E so we had a Wall-E theme birthday party for him. (Man was is difficult for mommy to find things in Wall-E) He got lots of fun gifts and the kids got to run and play on the playground, eat good food, have Wall-E cake, and play a few Wall-E games. It was very successful considering the weather held out for us!

Falling Behind

I'm not doing so well on posting and it's making me sad when I think about it because it's my way of journaling my children's lives. I keep telling myself I'm going to be better at doing this but time is so short and sweet right now for me while my 3 little guys take alot of my time and that's okay because I'm never going to be able to replace these special times I have to spend with them before they are all grown and started families of their own.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Babies Blessing Day

Once again I forgot to blog and take personal pictures of the babies in their outfits - I'm so mad at myself for forgetting that one. What a special day though. My dad was able to bless Liam and Myles and Steve and his family were able to attend also so that was special. One day I hope that the boys will be grateful for this special blessing that was given to them. I love them with all my heart.